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Workflow 1.1 – Writing Posts, Blog

Knowledge Management release. 

The purpose of this article is to track content development workflow and serve as an online reference for road work.  If you the reader would like more details or to make suggestions, feel free to contact me on the ‘about’ page.

Tracking Progress in Jira

Jira project VinceBrand has been set up with an article workflow to make sure important construction and distribution steps are followed.  It also serves as a research hub for images, sources, and outlines on larger articles.

Templating in MS Word

Microsoft word allows for the saving of custom themes and templates.  Unfortunately, syncing themes and templates across devices can be a big tedious.  For that reason, a general ‘articles’ folder has been added to Onedrive with permissions across enterprise assets.  

Process to make an article:

1.     Open article template

2.     Save-as .docx with appropriate name

3.     Title imagery will be stored in Jira task instance and in Hugo leaf structure directly.  During writing, placement will be denoted by shortcode.

a.      Image Shortcode: <ImageResourceName SizeFunction(Fill,Fit,Resize) “Width(px)xHeight(px)”>

b.     Imagery must be added as resource to hugo index.md for article


Exporting Word as HTML

This is arguably the easiest step IF you get it right.  MS Word default export uses non-standard character sets.  Hugo/Markdown doesn’t seem to know what to do with them and you get funny diamond question marks.  VS Code will show them as well.

1.     File -> Save a Copy

a.      From the drop-down select webpage, filtered

2.     Look for “more options” link immediately beneath the dropdown.  Find ‘web-options’ in the tools menu and check that encoding is set to UTF-8.


Copy into index.md

This step assumes a new content piece has been created and you are using a leaf bundle for the article.  Open the saved html file and paste everything into index.md.  Be careful not to overwrite any shortcodes placed by archetype (like the how to comment/read on linkedIn one that I need to develop).

Useful?  I hope so.  Let me know by contacting me from the about page.